I'm a London based Artist, Designer, and Creative Director of streetwear brand Yes No Maybe™, a company I launched fresh faced straight from University. I studied Product and Furniture Design at DeMontfort, a demanding course with inspiring tutors.

As far back as I can remember, I have been quite sure that design is everywhere, and everything.

Design is decisions. To be human is to make decisions. Art is design of colour and form and emotion. Writing is the design of words and thought. Happy children are the design of love.

Over the years I have been lucky to have worked across many areas of art and design, including: spraypaint and stencil workshops, T shirt design summer schemes for kids,  graphic design, domestic murals (inside and out), shop signage, laser-cutting, Vinyl cutting, Model making, lighting, Interior design, marketing, copywriting, branding, design technician, product development, licensed childrenswear, headwear and luggage collections.

If it get's the creative juices flowing, I'm interested.

I am a decisive guy, though I am not afraid to change my mind.

I have been vegetarian since '83.

Thanks for your time, you'll never get it back.


ben farleigh